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Like most good books the second time reading through is even better than the first! Fast paced and well written, I highly recommend to anyone with a few hours to kill. Five Stars!
— Amazon Review
NEVER DIE TWICE tells the story of the DIA & DARPA joint-agency operative Natalie Nicks codenamed Viper and her first battle with an evil terrorist syndicate hell-bent on using the weapons of the future against its main enemy the United States!
Just when Nicks is settling in to her new life, a routine mission to recover a stolen weapon codenamed Project Starfire turns deadly. Nicks is ambushed, and she and her team suddenly find themselves in the middle of a lethal international conspiracy—stretching from the streets of Los Angeles to the hidden islands of Japan.
As the investigation widens, all leads point to a criminal syndicate who’s mastermind has a dark connection to Nicks’s past. Because there may be more to Project Starfire than she was first told, and the syndicate is always one step ahead, Nicks is pushed to her limits to prevent the terrifying plan from coming to fruition.
Never Die Twice is the first book in Jones’s electrifying new technothriller series. If you like nerve-shredding suspense, pulse-pounding plots, and nonstop thriller action, then you’ll love this first volume in a series sure to please fans of Ian Fleming, James Rollins, and Brad Thor.


Viper Fatalis embraces its identity as a technothriller with an authenticity that's deeply refreshing. With action scenes that could come straight from a silver screen, the story is effortlessly enjoyable. Five Stars!
— Amazon Review
During a mission to recover a truckload of newly developed ground sensors, Natalie Nicks stumbles upon a more deadly piece of futuristic technology—an autonomous robotic animal that's savagely killing everything in its path—but the Pantherix is just the tip of the iceberg.
With her old army friend, Sheriff Brett Diaz, by her side, Nicks uncovers a connection to a new drug cartel with a penchant for state-of-the-art technology—and plans that threaten the security of America’s southern border. Can the vicious El Draco be stopped? Having finally embraced her cybernetic powers, Natalie Nicks is more dangerous and deadlier than ever before. But so are the forces working against her.
She soon finds herself dodging a ruthless assassin known as Mr. Brightside, fighting off a gang of brutal sicarios, and going all-in to save the life of a young gifted boy that could be the key to unlocking the entire scheme—a conspiracy that may reach as high as the United States Senate.
Viper Fatalis is the second book in Jones’s electrifying new technothriller series and his most gripping thriller yet. The nonstop action, and relentless pacing make Viper Fatalis a one-night read you’re sure to enjoy. Fans of Ian Fleming, James Rollins, and Brad Thor will love it! Grab your copy today and join the adventure!


Interesting, action-packed, easy to read. And once you start reading one, you have to read the rest of 'em!.  Five Stars!
— Amazon Review

During a covert mission to the Moon, DARPA’s top-secret space vehicle Persephone is attacked and seemingly destroyed. Intel suggest that another government is hiding a dangerous secret—a clandestine moonbase supporting a lunar mining operation for exotic minerals—and Reaper Force is called in to investigate.

When Natalie Nicks infiltrates a secret space center run by China’s military, she discovers what no one else knows—that the People’s Liberation Army has lost control of their moonbase, to a rogue, psychotic scientist hell-bent on exacting revenge against her former agency and all who dare oppose her.

To ensure her twisted plan succeeds, the Persephone’s surviving crew has been taken hostage, and the moonbase’s defensive weapon, called Osiris, has been turned against the International Space Station, and all space vehicles seeking to launch a rescue mission.

The rush to stop this horrible plot moves from the shadowy alleys of Hong Kong, to Argentina’s Patagonia region, to the strange lava tunnels under the surface of the Moon, where Natalie Nicks will risk everything in an effort to avert disaster—but is she caught in a race that no one can win?

Equipped with secret DR-Ultra technology, Nicks is more capable than ever before. But she soon discovers this mission is harder than she could’ve imagined—one that will force her to confront the darkest parts of herself even as she battles a terrifying, seemingly unbeatable foe.


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